Memo to All Employees and Agents of the TMI Group of Companies:

The TMI Group of Companies is expanding manufacturing and service operations at the Buchel location in the Netherlands. At the same time we will be shifting the production, service and repair functions of Messmer Instruments to the Buchel location. 

The transfer of all office operations and production of Messmer Instruments to Buchel will be completed in January. Effective February 1st, 2009, all trading activities will continue as Messmer Buchel at the Netherlands location.

The consolidation of Messmer will improve overall efficiency of the TMI Group of Companies. The result of this process should be a more efficient, cost-effective and competitive organization.  

Messmer’s phone lines are being re-routed to Buchel, as well as email for the employees who have been laid-off.  However, for an indefinite interim period of time, the contact information for Ken Winsor, Mike Moore, Harold Mann, Ian Billett, Roy McCully and Peter Finn will remain the same.   Notices will be sent very shortly to customers and vendors of Messmer advising them of the restructuring. 

About TMI

Testing Machines Inc. (TMI) manufactures and markets physical property testing instruments for the paper, pulp, film, foil, ink, coatings, nonwoven, textile and corrugated industries. TMI has a network of sales offices and agents throughout the US and in over 50 countries.

The TMI Group of Companies consists of Testing Machines Inc., Delaware, Lawson-Hemphill, Swansea, Ma., Messmer Instruments Ltd., UK, Büchel BV, Netherlands, Adamel Lhomargy SARL, France and TMI Canada.

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