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Messmer Büchel, specialisted in Paper and Board testing instruments

Messmer Büchel located in the Netherlands produces test instruments for the paper and board industry. We are in this business since 1924 and we are proud of our long history. That is also what you feel when you walk in our workshop. We have in-house trained personal each specialisted in the production of four instruments. With this special knowledge we make sure we deliver quality instruments that last for years and which stay accurate. Learn more on how We Take Care of Quality

Highlighted product: Short Span Compression Tester

The Short Span Compression is the latest instrument that we redesigned. A color touch screen, a new design and a full upgrade of hardware and software are key elements to the new instrument. In this way, Messmer Büchel keeps up with the latest developments in the market. During the development we took a few things in mind. First and foremost the most important things were, reliability and user friendliness. Read more

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