In 2018 the S-Test is developed to replace the CMT Test. The S-Test measures the compression strength of a flute. The sample is clamped on both sides with a gab of 4mm. The clamps have an offset of 1mm. The 1mm offset automatically pushes the sample in a shape that corresponds to the flute of corrugated board. In this way the shape of the flute is simulated. The sample is compressed simulating the pressure on a corrugated box. The test is finished in a few seconds and gives you the peak value. The S-Test can be correlated to the first plateau of the CMT.

Together with Smurfit Kappa we wrote a white paper explaining the difference between the CMT and the S-Test. It also higlights the use of the S-Test and its benefits. 

S-Test White paper


Model 17-38 Series
Measuring units N, kN/m, Lb and Lb/inch
Load cell range 100N or 250 N
Accuracy less than 1% of reading
Test speed mov. Jaw 3mm/min ± 1mm/min.
Span 4mm, offset 1mm
Span accuracy 0.05 mm
Language multiple available