How we take care of quality

It is a great honor and pleasure to introduce our company Messmer Büchel: manufacturer and supplier of test equipment. My name is André Jansen, with the company for more than 30 years and Managing Director since 1999. I would like to go through a few key elements that we consider to be very important in the development, manufacturing and the after sales support of our products.

Local support

Support is not only ensures issues being solved. Support is also fast response, being clear and make it as easy as possible for the customer. One of the key elements in support is having local presence. Currently we cover 39 countries with local support through our representatives. They can also advise you which instruments are required for your application. Contact us for your local representative. 

100 years of specialism 

Messmer Büchel was founded in 1924 in the Netherlands, back then Büchel made testing machines for the paper industry. Throughout the years we stood at the beginning of the development of several new test methods. We were pioneers and were constantly looking to manufactur better, more efficient and more reliable insturments. That drive is still shown today. 

Design from the inside out 

Our instrument development process begins with a careful review and comparison of materials and components. High quality components ensure the long lifetime of our instruments. Accuracy and the expected availability are key elements. Our in-house team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers are highly capable of taking a project from the initial concept stage all the way through design. That’s taking care of quality the Messmer Büchel way.