The BEKK Tester determines the smoothness of the sample in BEKK seconds. This instrument is especially suitable for very smooth surfaces. such as coated label papers or coated free sheets. It creates a vacuum and measures the time it takes for the vacuum to drop from 50.66 to 48.00 kPa. Alternatively, the time it takes for the pressure to drop from 50.66 – 29.33 kPa can be set. The instrument is supplied with a 1/1 vacuum chamber and a 1/10 chamber. Very smooth papers are tested at 1/10 of the volume to safe time.

Features & Benefits

• Easy to place sample
• Sample cutting not required
• Pressure intervals 50.66-48.00 and
50.66-29.33 kPa
• Estimated test results after 10 seconds
• Porosity Test option
• Paper tabs to check instrument
• Air volume 1/1 and 1/10

International Standards
• ISO 5627
• TAPPI T-479
• DIN 53107