The Bending Resistance tester is an easy to operate and a high accuracy instrument. Besides the Bending Resistance test, six other tests can be performed. These are Score Bend, Score Perforation, Break Force, Taber Stiffness, Spring Back and of course the Crease Line.
The two point method secures the sample with a pneumatic clamp. The auto touch senses that the sample is in the correct place and the test will start. In this way variation during operations are eliminated.


The instrument measures the force at selectable bending angles from 5.0 to 90 degrees. The test distance can be set on 5, 10, 20, 25 or 50mm. After chosing the requested distance the instrument is set automatic. The instrument senses the force down to 0.5 grams. This accuracy shows the exact bending stiffness and rigidity of the material.

Features & Benefits

• Automatic clamping of sample
• Automatic positioning of load cell
• Auto touch of sample
• Overload protection of load cell
• Easy calibration
• Bending Resistance, Score Bend, Score Perforation, Break Force, Taber Stiffness, Spring Back, Crease line
• Paper, paperboard, non-woven materials, plastic film, medical tuning wire

International Standards
• ISO 2493
• AS/NZ 1301-4535
• BS 3748
• DIN 53121
• SCAN P29
• TAPPI T556