The Burst Tester is used as a multi-directional test to identify failure in the direction showing least resistance. This test shows the physical strength and fiber bond. Different models are available for paper, board or textile. This instrument is also used for other applications such as plastic, rubber, aluminum and felts. The sample is pneumatically clamped, the rubber membrane is pushed upwards by hydraulics. The force at fracture
is recorded.


Features & Benefits

• Compensation of membrane force
• Starting test with one button
• Changing settings all in one screen
• Hydraulic testing increases accuracy
• Shield to enables safe operation
• When the shield is not used two
hand operation
• Accuracy 1% of value

International Standards
• ASTM standard D-774, 3786,
• ISO 2758, 2759, 1328-2:1999, 2960
• BS 4768