Highlighted product: Micrometer, different weights and foot sizes

Highlighted product: Micrometer, different weights and foot sizes


The Micrometer is avaiable in more than 60 different types. All have different pressures or foot sizes.

We developed the micrometer in 2013. Back then we wondered how we could meet the need of more customers. Each industry and sometimes each customer requires a different anvil pressure, pressure can be requested in kPa or PSI and a different size foot, mentioned in diameter or surface. We developed a base unit with the capability to add or reduce weight. With our local supplier (most of them in the same city where we are located) we are flexible to get a different foot sizes produced quickly. 

We have a list of 60 micrometers with different configurations that we can produce. Each micrometer has a different foot size or different weight. Some follow a clear ISO, ASTM or other standard. Some are custom made for one specific customer. At order we can even produce and instrument with two pressures. For example, a 2cm2 foot with 50kPa pressure, we supply an additional weight to reach 100kPa. In this way you can meet the ISO 534 and the Tappi T 411 with one single instrument. 

Extending the flexibility to different foot sizes is more complex. It is not as simple as screwing a new foot under the Micrometer and you are done. You measure thickness, and every micron counts. When you screw on a new foot you always get trouble with parallelism you will end up with an inaccurate instrument. We found a solution which provides two different foot diameters and still keep an accurate instrument. We mount on a two in one foot, parallel and calibrate the instrument. With a clever turning mechanism you are able to extent the inner part of the foot giving you a small foot. When you retract the inner foot it gives you the larger surface. With the combination foot and the additional weights we are able to supply a micrometer capable of measuring plastic film and paper in one instrument!

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