Highlighted product: Short Span Compression Tester

Highlighted product: Short Span Compression Tester


Highlighted product: Short Span Compression Tester. Introduction how developed and how to use it.

The Short Span Compression is the latest instrument that we redesigned. A colour thouch screen, a new desegn and a full upgrade of hardware and software. In this way Messmer Büchel keeps up with the latest developments in the market. During the development we took a few things in mind. First and faremost the most important things where, reliability and user friendliness. We ship all over the world, each country no matter the language should be able to use our instrument. Besides multiple languages we use a very simple structure. The big, self explaining icons, make the instrument intuitaive. The second focus point, reliability. You use the instrument every day and you rely on the data to adjust and improve your production. That means that you have to count on your instrument. Quality starts with a simple design, high quality components and high quality staff that puts it together. 

The knowledge of designing is all in-house. We have our own software engineer, mechanical engineer and electronic design to develop the instrument. Part are all purchased locally, the sheet metal is made by local contracters, sensors and motors come from suppliers in the Netherlands, UK, Germany and Switserland. An industrial display is used making sure it is robuust and can handle powerdips. Are staff is specialised and in-house trained. To ensure continuity and quality each employee is specialisted in producing multiple instruments. Checklist and written assembly steps are used ensuring the reproducability. 

Having all the development in-house, knowing the origin of the components that we purchase and in-house trained production personal, I am confindent to say "We Take Care of Quality". 

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