New: the S-Test

New: the S-Test


In 2018 we developed the S-Test, a new method, to replace the CMT test.

Why replace a test that’s good, you may think? The results of the CMT are important indicators for the production. But the test is time consuming and difficult to perform. Therefore the results become less reliable and therefore less useful.

More about the S-Test

The S-Test measures the compression strength of a flute. The sample is clamped on both sides with a gab of 4mm. The clamps have an offset of 1mm. The 1mm offset automatically pushes the sample in a shape that corresponds to the flute of corrugated board. In this way the shape of the flute is simulated. The sample is compressed simulating the pressure on a corrugated box. The test is finished in a few seconds and gives you the peak value. The S-Test can be correlated to the first plateau of the CMT.

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Why replace the CMT test?

You want to predict the performance of your corrugated board accurately. The current used CMT test has too many influences making the results less accurate.

Cooperative development

Together with Smurfit Kappa, Messmer Büchel developed the S-Test. The Cepi ContainerBoard and the Technical University of Darmstadt helped to test and prove the method. The S-Test has shown a correlation coefficient of 97,6% with the first plateau of the CMT. Therefore, the results of the S-Test can be used to replace the CMT test.

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